We are used to working with proven methods that are widely accepted. Many of our consultants are certified users of a variety of methods and tools.

Xeeda works systematically with the execution of the assignments and mainly uses “open practices” that are well accepted and proven. Most of them are so-called best practices that are applied globally and on which a lot of time is spent developing and keeping them updated. Moreover, there is generally good access to education and even certification systems in place which allow for knowledge to be documented and measured.

Some of the methods Xeeda usually works with are:

  • Six Sigma systematic business development. In addition to a process, Six Sigma contains a series of practical and simple tools based on quality management.
  • Lean for systematic business development with a focus on value-adding activities
  • Project management methodology such as PMI, PROPS, Pejl, PPS and Lilla Ratten.
  • Project, program and portfolio management models and tools
  • COBIT, ITIL, and PM3 for process development of IT operations
  • PENG, ABC and business case as well as other methods of benefit valuation
  • In addition to these methods and tools, Xeeda has access to leading global research through contracts with Gartner and the legal database Karnov.
Publicerat 6 August 2016