Our consultants are used to implementing reorganisations and developing IT-organizations. For our clients, we have developed IT strategies, strategies for green IT and IT strategies in healthcare and education.

Specialization and efficiency has for many organizations meant that a larger share of the work is being procured as a service or outsourced. Many times procurement skills are important in the implementation of changes. Xeeda has over the years carried out a large number of procurements in both public and private sectors.

The procurement process is carried out by experienced senior consultants supported by legal advisors and the company’s structural capital, consisting of methodology and background material needed to create good procurements.

Xeeda advises clients to also focus on supplier management, ie developing the business relationship after signing the agreement in order for it to contribute benefits and effectiveness. We help our clients create a good business relationship that promotes demands for cost efficiency and innovation.

To create new and/or efficient working methods, to introduce digitalized services and for an organisation and its suppliers to work effectively, a functional management model and IT delivery is needed.

Xeeda has experience and knowledge to assist in analysis and adjustments in working methods, organization and delivery models. This may involve creating a business-oriented management and delivery model, improving the quality of outsourced deliveries, or increasing the rate of innovation in working methods.

Niklas Engelhart, Xeeda-consultant and author of SIAM: Principles and Practices for Service Integration and Management, points to the importance of efficiently managing and coordinating the many suppliers in an increasingly complex outsourcing situation.

Publicerat 6 August 2016