Xeeda has its roots in New York, where Urban Jonsson and Mats Östling, together with Else-Marie Östling, founded the company. From the onset, the business idea was to start a company where long-term focus, independent solutions and client focus were key watchwords. These are values that still guide Xeeda. The company evolved into a consulting platform with the aim of creating a common base from which to pursue value-creating consulting business placing the client’s best interest first. Since then, the company has grown and now includes both senior consultants and legal advisors, project assistants and researchers.

Xeeda is a trademark that from the beginning was thought to be associated with professional consulting services. The goal is to be a company with consultants and advisers that always deliver more than the client expects. The name Xeeda is wordplay on the expression “exceed ya”.

The logo is thought to convey the message that the consultants at Xeeda always strive to exceed the clients’ expectations. The green line in the logo is drawn through the name and represents the client’s expectation, that is to say the “bar” that should always be surpassed. Above the bar, the name is colourfully blue to symbolize that we have exceeded the client’s expectations. Below the bar, the name is grey to symbolize the work of other, non Xeeda consultants. The Xeeda consultant always strives to exceed client expectations.

Publicerat 5 August 2016