We are looking for consultants who share our values!

Our vision is to be a consultant company:

  • As a meeting place and platform where world-class consulting work is conducted
  • A place where talented and dedicated colleagues/consultants gather
  • Where consultants are enjoying the benefits of others experience and help each other
  • With inspiration, energy and humour, in short, a place where consultants and customers flourish
  • By combining professionalism with fun

We are looking for both senior consultants who wants to be associated with Xeeda and work through their own company, and those who are a bit younger and looking for an exciting employer!

If you want to be a part of this vision and:

  • Have a university degree and preferably with postgraduate education
  • Have an interest to share knowledge and develop other
  • Sets high demands on yourself and are inspired by professionalism
  • Can combine a short-term work with a long-term strategy


Contact us with your application