Xeeda is an independent consulting company founded in 2004 by current owners Mats Östling and Urban Jonsson.

Xeeda was from the outset on thought to be associated with professional services that make a difference and create results. The goal was to create a company of consultants and advisers that always deliver more than the customer expects. The name Xeeda is word play on “exceed ya”, which is what we try to do every day.

Our values are, and have always been, important to Xeeda. Some of the values that guide Xeeda are:

  • Working in the long-term, always focusing on the client and keeping the client’s best interest in mind
  • Building and nurturing credibility, the basis for working with counselling and business development.
  • Being easy to do business and cooperate with.

Publicerat 5 August 2016