Our approach

Xeeda works methodically and systematically to help our clients get better! We excel at doing what the client frequently neglects to do, and often say that “what the client rarely does, Xeeda often does”.

Our strongest structural capital is our experienced, competent and committed consultants who have done what needs to be done before. We complement these consultants with methods, tools, templates and research. In order to use these consultants more efficiently, we usually work in small, efficient consulting teams together with the client.

Skills development is for us a strategic and important issue, we invest in training our consultants both through individual training and collective training as a group.

Education, experience and structural capital form a competence triangle which is the foundation and basis of our offer to the client.

Xeeda's philosophy

Quick results with a long-term strategy

Xeeda’s philosophy is to deliver fast results with a long-term and sustainable strategy that both we and our clients are happy/satisfied with. This is to create long-term benefits and at the same time meet the demands for fast results that are often placed on our clients.

We want to work long-term and not make short-term profits at the expense of long-term trust from either our clients or our consultants. We value transparency and always keep agreements made. Through collaboration and precision, we achieve the requirements for results that we and our clients expect.

Our methods

Systematic work with well known methods

Xeeda works systematically with the execution of assignments and mainly uses established methods that are well accepted and proven. The majority are so-called best practices that are applied globally and a lot of time is spent developing and updating them. Moreover, there is generally good access to education and even certification systems which allow knowledge and experience to be built up and transferred to the client through our assignments.

Xeeda is a member and involved in the Swedish Institute for Quality (SIQ) and works with their management model for business development and has participated as an examiner for the “Quality Award Swedish Quality 2020


Our solutions are always adapted to the client's needs.

When we carry out our assignments, we always keep a close connection between strategy and operational execution. Our solutions are always adapted to the client’s needs.

Xeeda works with business development in several important public sector functions such as healthcare, school, infrastructure as well as in the financial sector. Our clients are large and complex businesses with high demands on experience and expertise.

Several large organizations in the public sector engage Xeeda, but our clients also include medium-sized private companies and some large international companies in finance and manufacturing.

Common to many of our clients is that they demand measures that both provide a quick effect and suit the client’s long-term strategy, which is something we at Xeeda are good at.

Xeeda is independent, which means that we can develop solutions based on the client’s needs. We protect our clients by working with integrity and confidentiality.