Our offers

By combining experience in information security, business development and supplier management as well as our competence in leading complex and critical assignments, we have a unique ability to help our clients realize the benefits of digitalization.

We work closely with the client and help with issues / assignments that are high on the management’s agenda, and which provide increased benefit for both the client’s employees and their customers.

Information Security

Digitalization has increased the need for the information to be handled correctly

It has also led to an increased vulnerability if information falls into the wrong hands, is distorted or is not available, which can lead to major and costly consequences. Therefore, it is increasingly important to secure what has become one of the business’ most important resources – information.

Digitalization is accelerating, which places higher demands on the business to have a structured and systematic approach to information security. Add to this that there are constant developments in the area, which means that the laws and practices that govern how the information may be handled are updated and adapted. This applies to both the public sector and private companies. Many companies operate in several countries and need to comply with the legal requirements in different countries that may conflict with each other.

Xeeda helps our clients secure their information and ensure that they meet the requirements of GDPR and other legal requirements. This can involve operationally producing policies and other governing documents, classifying information and performing vulnerability analyses, support in handling incidents and setting requirements for suppliers, and ensuring that the client has control over the personal data the business handles. Another role we can take is to review and develop proposals for an action plan to improve information security. Xeeda also works in an advisory role, both in terms of GDPR and the introduction of management systems for information security.

Supplier management

Our ability to understand the customer's needs allows us to create efficient deliveries

Over the years, Xeeda has carried out a large number of procurements and negotiations in both the private and public sectors. Our ability to understand the customer’s needs and have knowledge of the market’s way of acting allows us to create efficient deliveries that create benefits. The assignments consist of one or more procurements that normally begin with a strategy, needs analysis, benefit realization model for identifying effect goals and a clear business requirement. Our consultants are used to project management assignments in close collaboration with the client.

By supplier management, we mean leading and implementing procurements, the ongoing business process for contract management with the operational and tactical management, as well as the strategic one. This means that we often continue to support our clients after the procurement has been completed with implementation, change management and to ensure that the effect goals have been achieved through follow-up and control.

The introduction of digitalized services places new and increased demands on the organization and on the management of IT delivery. Xeeda has experience and knowledge to assist with screenings and changes in order to create a business-oriented management and delivery model as well as improved deliveries from outsourced delivery.

Business development

We work with business development by always having a long-term and sustainable perspective

For this reason, we are therefore happy to work closely with both the client’s clients and employees so that the effect and benefit of our efforts will remain long after we as consultants have left the business.

The assignments we help with often aim to adapt the business to a change, which can mean everything from developing and implementing new processes, reviewing and developing organizations, challenging and leading goals and strategy work as well as the management systems needed to create a sustainable business.