Through project and change management, Xeeda helps clients realize the benefits of changes in important civic functions. The core of Xeeda’s offer to clients is knowledge and experience to implement the changes that complex and critical projects usually entail.

Project work including project and program managers, project office, risk management and quality management in the project role are areas in which clients often hire Xeeda to implement. Xeeda works as the client’s extended arm in leading projects and change management projects. This means ensuring that the client’s interests are guiding the project. Xeeda often works with a team consisting of a project manager and support in the form of a project office.

Change management; including coordination and collaboration with the client’s organization, trade union collaboration, decision making, rooted and participant communication and information; are areas to which Xeeda attaches particular importance. The majority of the project managers at Xeeda have managerial and leadership experience and are experienced and motivated project managers. In addition to this, the structural capital containing methods and tools guides them in ensuring structure and quality.

Publicerat 5 August 2016